Have you had a Permanent Makeup or Microblading treatment and been unhappy with the results?
Eyebrows which are too dark, too thick, have hair strokes which stand up like picket fences, or which have changed
colour to orange, blue, grey, purple or a combination of all! We have solutions for you.

1. Correction options

If only slight changes are needed, Colour correction would be our first choice. This is only suitable where the treatment does not contain too much of the old pigment. Colour correction can take several treatments; it is not necessarily a quick fix.


2. A+Ocean saline solution

Needles cause a slight trauma to the skin, pushing the saline solution into the area at the same time. This causes the skin to re heal, and whilst doing so, it will push out some of the old pigment out to the surface of the skin, in the form of a scab. This again, can take several sessions, but is effective in most case.

What areas can be treated? Eyebrows, Some Eyeliner, Lip and small body tattoos.

A+Ocean is the first hypertonic sterile saline solution on the market intended to remove tattoos. All Natural-using the finest and purest sea salt available in the world. Carcinogen free. Sea salt is much gentler, less expensive and traumatic than Laser to remove tattoos. Colour and type of Ink may require several different types of lasers for removal. Sea salt doesn’t recognise ink colour so A+Ocean is a highly successful method of removal. Heals Naturally – A+Ocean creates a superficial controlled scab. A natural healing process removes or lightens the pigment when the scab falls off.
It works through the process of Osmosis – By introducing a high concentration of sea salt water into the Dermis of the skin where unwanted pigment resides, water in the cells beneath and surrounding the pigment (which contain lower concentrations of sea salt) will create osmotic pressure and thus rise to the areas containing the higher concentrations of sea salt. With this process of equalisation, pigment is forced from the Dermal layer upward to the Epidermal layer by osmotic pressure.

A+ Ocean is the best and was first developed in 1980!

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Consultation required. Get in touch to discuss your treatment