Find out a right eyebrow shape with us. 

Beautiful Pout

Expert eyebrow waxing and lash tinting can make a huge difference to the look of your eyes and face. LITTLE BEAUTY BRIGHTON,  provides eyebrows and lash treatment by highly qualified and experienced beauty therapists. From thick eyebrows that make a bold statement to shapely eyebrows. Design an outstanding eyebrow and provide advice on eyebrow waxing and shaping to suit the look you're after.

At LITTLE BEAUTY BRIGHTON we not only provide you with expert eyebrow shaping and tinting but also consult with you but also taking the time to achieve the results you want. 

Eyebrows are an integral part of your facial features they are one of the first things people notice as they define and frame your face. Unfortunately the wrong eyebrow shape can take too much away from your natural beauty. Not only can the perfect eyebrow shape define your features, the right shape can take years of your face! Enhance your beauty, not detract from it. LITTLE BEAUTY BRIGHTON can provide you with an outstanding eyebrow and lash treatment service in Brighton.