So Sun screen is divided into two types which are Chemical and Physical.

Chemical types are : Organic /Octocrylene, Avobenzone, Octinoxate etc.

Physical types are : Mineral, Inorganic / Titanium dioxide and Zinc oxide.

Mostly SFP 30 is Physical and SFP 50 is Chemical. According to most skin experts and dermatologists they suggest the use of a physical sun screen, also a hat, UV sunglass and avoid being exposed to direct sunlight.

As we know the sun causes damage to our skin and needs protection. There are so many products on the market.

What is better for us?

Chemical, physical, mineral, organic, inorganic, SPF 30 or SPF 50? Even natural sun screen?

" In marketing, organic is a label that describes how something is produced – often with a safe-list of chemical treatments and approved practices.

In chemistry, organic means the chemistry of compounds that contain carbon. Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide don’t contain carbon. They’re made up of metal and oxygen and classified as inorganic.

Marking the categories as organic and inorganic makes more sense because all of the sunscreen chemicals used contain carbon, except for titanium dioxide and zinc oxide." From Stephen Alain Ko, a cosmetic formulator and skincare expert.